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Thursday, April 09, 2020
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Christ-Centered Coaching

Christ-Centered Coaching Is Not                                                                                        
 A replay of high school football! No one is going to be yelling at you to make a certain play. No one except YOU is going to critique YOUR performance. No laps or pushups required for failure to execute a coach’s commands. No one is going to tell YOU what the next step or goal is. 
With YOUR coach, YOU’LL design the plays, and YOU’LL choose the steps and actions to execute. YOU’LL analyze YOUR own behavior. And YOU’LL determine whether and when YOU succeed!
Christ-Centered Coaching IS 
Coaching focuses on promoting discovery. By helping YOU focus on the untapped potential within YOU, a coach can guide YOU to discover YOUR potential and what needs to be done. YOUR coach won’t provide the answer, make decisions for YOU, or tell YOU what to do. Coaching helps YOU find the answers for YOU!
Embracing Change
Life’s  familiar chapters
                                  begin with endings. 
Something runs its course.
Something runs out.
Something crashes and burns. 
Then, we encounter a “necessary ending.”
What’s ending in your life now?
Life Coaching helps a person embrace life changes. It helps a person welcome the new, say “good-bye” to the old, and navigate the space in between.
Navigating Transitions
"Life’s between the times” chapters
                                                              navigate  turnings.
Christ-centered  coaching can help YOU see YOUR dreams  come true!
Christ-centered coaching is a customized approach to help YOU discover insights in YOURSELF and YOUR own situation YOU never dreamed possible!
Some common coaching topics include personal and organizational purpose/mission/vision
Leadership effectiveness
Stress management
Discovering barriers and removing them
Coaching is a relational one-on-one approach that enables YOU to discover YOUR issues, needs, focusing on YOUR own concerns, and finding YOUR own answers. 
The Benefits of Christ-Centered Coaching
“Counsel in the heart of man is like deep water, but a man of understanding will draw it out.” 
                                                                                                                                          Proverbs 20:5
Orienting YOUR Life Around Strengths
Greater Clarity and Focus in YOUR Life
Greater Confidence
Learning What, When, and How
Intentional Progress toward YOUR Goals
God-sized Goals
From Surviving to Thriving
From Bondage to Freedom 
“Now the LORD is the Spirit, and where the Spirit of the LORD is, there is freedom.” II Corinthians 3:17


“Don is a detail-oriented, faith-filled, and personable coach who will help you reach clarity for action by asking incisive  questions, lifting up key insights, and deeply caring about your development.”

Seth N., Harrisonburg, VA. 

“Don, gave me the gift of silence to allow me to process.” J. S. S., Richmond, VA.      

         Dr. Zampogna has more than twenty years of experience as a pastor and counselor. He was called to the ministry in 1997 and graduated from Andersonville Theological Seminary in Camilla, Ga. in November 2005 with his Doctorate in Theology degree (TH.D.) He is also a graduate of Light University Association of Christian Counselors and a licensed Empower Christian Leadership Coach through the Baptist General Association of Virginia.
         Dr. Zampogna has provided one-on-one counseling, mentoring, marital counseling, and family counseling, throughout his career. He currently provides, Life, Career, and Leadership coaching or  tele-coaching in support of individuals, leaders, and pastors. As a Life, Career, and Leadership coach Dr. Zampogna helps individuals, leaders, and pastors, think better. so, they can live and act better!
 Dr. Don R. Zampogna, Th. D, ECLC3
Life and Leadership Coach