Green Valley Baptist Church
Thursday, April 25, 2019
The Valley is Calling, Come and See...

Note from the Pastor

Easter and the Significance of the Resurrection

     Christians must never underestimate the significance of the resurrection of Jesus Christ. The world today believes that Jesus died, but the world does not believe that Jesus rose from the dead.

     What is the significance of the resurrection? It proves that Jesus Christ is God’s Son. It verifies the Truth of Holy Scripture. It assures all those who repent, believe, and place their trust in Him of their own future resurrection. It is proof of a soon coming future judgment. The resurrection of Jesus Christ gives power for Christian living. It assures the Christian of their own future inheritance. 

     Every Sunday, when God’s people gather together to worship, they bear witness to the truth that Jesus Christ is alive! Because He’s alive all people who place their faith and trust in Him can experience hopeful living because we have a living Hope, Jesus Christ the Righteous! This Easter, it is my prayer that you will not miss Easter and the significance of the resurrection.