Green Valley Baptist Church
Sunday, May 28, 2017
The Valley is Calling, Come and See...

Prayer List


Please provide Updates to the church office.

Names may be removed from the active prayer list after one month unless we are informed differently. Removed names will be added back if requested.

Call church office for hospital updates.

Brian Akers
Stewart Akers
John Asbury
Larry & Valerie Avent Family
Tom Avert
Amber Baker
Edna Baker
Ivory Baker 
Ruth Ball
Herb Bare
Ellie Grace Barry
Susan Barton
Christine Bise
Jennell Blevins
Arthur Boyd
Shannon Brown
Toody Browning
Bobby Campbell
Buck Campbell
Cecilia Carr
Alex Chapman
Sally Coleman
Bobby Combs
Laura Combs
Robert & Pat Combs
Suzanna Combs
Deeanna Estep
Billy Dean Fields
Deloris Fields
Nile Fields
Frankie Fogleman
Dan Cook Family
Dean Fields Family
Johnny Gregory Family
Sheila Null Family
Jane Ella Sword Family
Perry Warner Family

Eli Fortner
Tania Gibson
Tim Gibson
Caden Gilbert
Junior Gilbert
Jess Hackney
Karen Hand
Kim Hardy
Janice Hobson
Howard Howe
Kayden Jackson
Ronnie Jackson
Nathan & Kelli Jessee 
Chubby Hubble Johnson
Debby Johnson
Mickey Johnson
Ruby Johnson
Baby Jones
Gloria Kennedy
Jonathan Kelley Grandfather
Kaden Kestner
Faye Kiser
Linda Lawson
Darrell Lee
Tina Lewis
Summer Matney
Linda Maxfield
Wade Maxfield
Tony Mayhew
Shy McMurray 
Tammy Mitchell 


Rachel Mitchley
Priscilla Monk
Cole Morrison
Connie Mullins
Tara Musick
Brooke Newman
Britten Olinger
Archer O'Quinn
Michael Owens
Grace Parrott
Mike Perkins
Jimmy Perkins
Sandy Perkins
Olivia Phillips
Wanda Phillips
Mike Plaster
Buck Powers
Andy & Carrie Pruitt
Angela Rasnake
June Rasnake
Pasty Sample
Fran Schlichting
Hoyt Statzer
Freda Street
Roger Sword
Teresa Sword
Kristine Taylor & Family
Lorene Tolley
Mack Whited
Ben Burkhart & Family
James & Sandy Chafin
Steve and Kim Hardy
Harry & Sally Horton
Monty & Robbin McClellan
Anthony & Barbara McFadden