All Roads Lead to Green Valley
Wednesday, July 08, 2020
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 Please provide Updates to the church office.  Names may be removed from the active prayer list after one month unless
 we are informed differently. Removed names will be added back if requested. 
Call church office for hospital updates.
Michael Addair
Nanette Arrowsmith
Mae Baugh
Richard Beavers
Beverly Boyd
Frank Breeding
Wannas Breeding
Jean Brown
Carter Chafin
Jaime Chafin
Andy Cordell
Gabriel Cross
Jessie Drennen
Evonne Dunn
Nancy Dye
Judy Elkins
Anita Farmer
Aaron Feeser
Buford Ferguson
Billy Dean Fields
Peggy Fox
Buddy Gilmer
Gilmer Family
Lloyd Hale
Melissa Harris
Tony Hart
Sharon Holbrook
Teddy Honaker
Charlotte Honaker 
Mary Carol Horne
Harry Horton
Sally Horton
Bill Houchins

                  Angela Wilburn Family                                            Phyllis Gray Family                                           Bobby Morgan Family                                           Jaden Webb Family                                           Ernest Hicks Family






Kelli Jessee
Randy Jessee
Alex Johnson
Sandra Justice
Patty Karnes
Stephanie King
Chris Kiser
Glenna Kiser
Joe Kiser
Tommy Kiser
Vickie Lewis
Mary Linkous
Alexis Maxfield 
Troy McCall
Tony McFadden
 Phyllis Meade
 Larry Minor
 Tammy Mitchell
 Addy Morgan
 Billy Morgan
 Roger Owens
 Kitty Parris
 Carol Perdue
 Mike Perkins
 Matthew Powers
 Lee Price
                          Nathan Jessee is home!

  Sherry Salyers
 Anna Sawyers
 Shirley Sayer
 Betty Settle
 Rebecca Smith
 Lila Stidham
 Ronald Vance
 Billy Vanover
 Carol Vicars
 Love Thomas
 Mark Tittle
 Barbara Warden
 Jessica Webb 
 Belinda Faye Widner
 Ramona Williams
 Linda Wilson
 Peggy Ann Wright
 GVBC Shut-in  
 Little Ed Program
 Lost/ Salvation
 Our Country
 Travel Mercies
 J C Sheppard Family