Green Valley Baptist Church
Thursday, August 22, 2019
The Valley is Calling, Come and See...

Prayer List


Please provide Updates to the church office.

Names may be removed from the active prayer list after one month unless we are informed differently. Removed names will be added back if requested.

Call church office for hospital updates.

John Addair
Misty Artrip
Renley Barrett
Threva Boggs
Paul Campbell
Anita Farmer
Neal Farmer
Tim Fields
Darrell Fletcher
Peggy Fox
Paul Gurley
Stephanie Gurley
Maxine Harman
Melissa Harris
Jerry Hawkins
Kathy Hawkins
Louise Hawkins
Audrey Hill
Gail Hooker
Judy McReynolds Family
Samuel H Melton Family
Donald Potter Family
Frances Price Family
Mary Street Family

Mary Carol Horne
Anthony Houchins
Debbie Jessee
Rita Jessee
Renee Johnson
Ruby Johnson
Tom Johnson
Sandra Justice
Patty Karnes
 Cindy Kiger
 Jonathon King
Joe Kiser
Justin Kiser
Ray Meade
Larry Minor
June Nipper
 Travis O'Dell
Kaitlyn Perkins
 June Rasnake

Vivian Rasnake
Alisha Salyers
Terry Sautters
Scarlett Solomon
Lee Scott
Shirley Sole
Royce Street
Robert Sword
Love Thomas
Sheila Vandyke
Ann Watkins
Rick Wallace
Bonnie Ward
Misty Ward
Mary Jane Webb
Frank Whitaker
Tamara Whitt