Green Valley Baptist Church
Tuesday, October 22, 2019
The Valley is Calling, Come and See...


Please provide Updates to the church office.

Names may be removed from the active prayer list after one month unless we are informed differently. Removed names will be added back if requested.

Call church office for hospital updates.

Beverly Boyd
Will Calfee
Jim Clark
Barry Cook
Karen Cornett
Marie Damron
Anita Farmer
Neal Farmer
Tim Fields
Peggy Fox
Buddy Gilmer
Karen Griffith
Judy Grizzle
Jewel Haga
Melissa Harris
Tony Hart
Jerry Hawkins
Kathy Hawkins
Louise Hawkins
Larry Fuller Family
Carnell Rasnake Family
Delores Osborne Family
Steve Zampogna Family

Lois Hicks 
Audrey Hill
Mary Carol Horne
Mr. Jackson
Vickie Jarnigan
James Jessee
Nathan Jessee
Sandra Justice
Patty Karnes
Chenelle Kiser
Joe Kiser
George Lampkins
Diana Lane
Cameron Lord
Denise Marshall
Tony Marshall
Barbara McFadden
Tony McFadden
 Matt McLean

Tammy Mitchell
Paul Musick
Siyto Olvera
Kitty Parris
Mike Puckett
Ronnie Puckett
Betty Ann Rhea
Betty Ann's Mom
Tony Rhea
Terry Sautters
Betty Settle
Rebecca Smith
Lila Stidman
Shelia Vandyke
Carol Vicars
Steve Wallace
Harold Webb
Frank Whitaker
 Jerry Williams