Green Valley Baptist Church
Saturday, March 23, 2019
The Valley is Calling, Come and See...
Green Valley Baptist Church
“A church committed to reaching the world for Christ”
From Pastor Darrell’s Heart
Dear GVBC Family,
  “The Readers Digest Great Encyclopedia Dictionary” identifies “Interim” as “a time between periods or events; in the meantime”. With the recent call of God upon Pastor Darrell Naff and his family, they are now serving a church in the Roanoke area of our state. I am reading Brother Naff’s June newsletter message to the church. I was both encouraged and challenged to continue to build upon the good ministries of Brother Naff and other ministries of the past one hundred and twenty five year history of this great church. You truly have a great legacy in Christian service, as well as a great responsibility. As we move forward, I pray we will give proper respect to the past and those who labored and sacrificed. During this “meantime”, my desire is to assist you in preparing for the next chapter in the life and growth of Green Valley. There will be times to reflect on the past that we may learn and celebrate. We will share dreams of the future and the challenges it holds with the unknown, yet lead by the Holy Spirit each step of the way. And for today and each day, we want to share the Love and Saving Grace of Jesus in our community as we also support mission causes around the world. 
I am excited about the Family Life Center and the great possibilities this facility holds for both the Church Family and the community. Soon the school buses, students and teachers will be in full swing and starting a new year. Our Little Ed Ministry will also launch into a new year and we are grateful for Ms. Karen and others who help in this wonderful ministry. I hope and ask we each make these a matter of prayer each day. Already conversations have been taking place concerning ministries and activities that would involve all age groups, and I know you have ideas also. Today there is a new term used in church life that is a little different; it’s called “coaching”. In churches a “coaching” is not a sports term, but it refers to more of a “Stage Coach” in pioneer days as it moved people from one place to another.
So, during this interim time I pray we can gently but steadily move toward new chapters in the life of Green Valley Baptist Church, as we serve Him together. And in the meantime, I look forward to walking and running alongside you.
Darrell Fletcher, Interim Pastor