Green Valley Baptist Church
Saturday, March 23, 2019
The Valley is Calling, Come and See...

Prayer List


Please provide Updates to the church office.

Names may be removed from the active prayer list after one month unless we are informed differently. Removed names will be added back if requested.

Call church office for hospital updates.

Kay Anderson
Ruby Ball
Danny J Bise
John Bruing
Will Calfee
Bobby Combs
Pat Combs
Lewis Cook
Wayne Dingus
Sharon Duty
Thomas Duty
Chandra Elkins
Ben Farmer
Charlie Gray
Maynard Hale
Dave Cook Family

Karen Hand
Vickie Jarnigan
Susan Jessee
Claude Johnson
Dean Johnson
Lillian Johnson
 Frank Justus
Seth Kennedy
Doug Lambert
Gary Lambert
Ralph Lester
Cathy Miller
Kenny Owens
Butch Parrott
June Rasnake


Vivian Rasnake
Darrell Ray
Delores Riggs
Lisa Statzer
Tim Statzer
Paul Stinson
Kay Vance
Randy Wampler
Misty Ward
Tamara Whitt
Wayne Whitaker
Pastor Don Zampogna
 Little Ed Program